Learn how you can lose weight, gain energy & fitness, all while looking after your kids!

Mother? Overweight? No time? No energy? WANT TO CHANGE THIS? Read on...

Are you a mother with kids or babies between birth and 4 who wants to do something about your weight, your energy and your fitness?  But you can’t work out because you are minding the kids and have no timeYES you can!

Use your kids as your workout!  

"Working Out With Kids" is an e-book about how a NORMAL, BUSY, OVERWEIGHT mom used her kids as her workout to drop two dress sizes and regain her pre-baby figure and weight, and gained energy and fitness along the way.   All while minding and enjoying the company of her kids!

Have you been trying to get the kids packed up and in the car so you can go to a class, to the gym, to the pool or to a personal trainer?  Do the kids have to go in to a crèche?  Or are you having to organise & pay baby-sitters while you work out?  

Most mothers find getting through the normal day with kids is hard enough, let alone finding that bit extra organization, time and energy it takes to fit in a decent workout.  And this is even more difficult if you didn't do much exercise before your babies came along. Working out with your baby!

And it is no secret that the kids would much prefer to be with their mother than being put in a crèche or be put with a baby-sitter.    

Then this mom had a breakthrough moment. 

Forget trying to take kids along to classes, to the gym or to the pool.  Forget having to find baby-sitters.   Who has the time and the money?   Why not do what this mom did and do something from your doorstep and - USE YOUR KIDS AS YOUR WORKOUT.   

But How?  

Why try to work out without the kids, when you can work out with your kids.  USE YOUR KIDS AS YOUR WORKOUT- go jogging with them in a purpose-built jogging stroller.     This is what "Working Out With Kids"is all about. 

It is a simple answer to something so many moms find so hard - how to work out while minding kids.  It seems a simple answer but you will be surprised how effective working out with kids can be.  We all know about strong arms from lifting wriggling toddlers in and out of car seats and baths.  It's simple to extend this principle to get a full-body workout just by pushing them along in a jogging stroller!  And no, it does not matter if you have never jogged before!  Plus you can find the time because you can do your workout while minding the kids, you do not need to find any extra time in your day.

"Working Out With Kids" is an e-book that tells the inspirational story about a mom working out with her kids by jogging to regain her pre-baby figure and weight.  All by jogging with her kids in a jogging stroller.  

This "Working Out With Kids" e-book also provides advice on how to do this yourself, including:

- How often to go jogging?

- How far or fast should I jog?

- Where should I jog?

- What do I need to know about safety for me and my kids?

- How do I choose the right equipment?

- Some other workout tips

- What to do if your baby is under one

It's all in the e-book! With this e-book you can find out the secrets for inspiration and the techniques for success.

Working out with Kids e-book

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